Terms & Conditions

Customers’ Information and Privacy Policy

Foodypoint.in gives highest importance to customer information. Information sought from customers will be used by our website only. Customers are requested to read the privacy policy carefully. By accessing our services, you are in agreement with us which enables us to make use of your data as per the privacy policy.

Age Criteria to access this site

According to Indian Contract Act 1872

1) Minors between 13 and 18 must access the website under the supervision of elders, registered with us.
2) Minors are banned from purchasing any product that is meant for adult consumption.
3) Anyone above 18 years can register with our website.


Foodypoint.in provides you a limited access to buy and purchase things. You are not supposed to download any content and resale it for further use. Our license policy strictly prohibits people from using its data, or duplicating it. Any portion of this website cannot be used for commercial purpose.

Account & Registration Obligations

Registered users of foodypoint.in must produce accurate information for any purchases. During registration, if you opt for our terms and conditions you will receive newsletters and promotional offers from our end regularly. You can also opt out for the same thing, if you are willing to.


The products listed on our website while booking will remain same on the date of delivery. Despite fluctuations in the rise and fall of the price of product. No additional charges will be collected except the price given on the billing.

Cancellation By Customer

A Customer can cancel the food on pre-order made one or two days before the delivery date. As we provide delivery at pace, we ensure you get the most delectable food. For cancellation of order, our customer care will assist you on a regular basis. Money will be refunded within 14 working days as per the cancellation policy. Foodypoint.in will have right to cancel any order based on situation. However, that is a rare circumstance, You can also mail us info@foodypoint.in

The Delivery of Items Subject To Availability

The delivery of food item is subject to availability. Foodypoint.in will deliver product based on your selected slot. For products below Rs. 300, we would charge Rs.30 as delivery charges. Our committed delivery team will ensure that all the products are delivered in time.


  • Any costs incurred due to mistake from your end, for instance wrong information will be collected from you (Including redelivery charges).
  • All the services provided by foodypoint.in and its affiliates will be used by you lawfully. While transacting and following regulations.
  • A customer is expected to provide genuine information for registration. In case of any false information provided by you, foodypoint.in will have discretion to reject the application.
  • Transaction process while purchasing will be your sole discretion.
  • The delivery address must be clear for product delivery.
  • Check your product thoroughly before purchasing any product.

You Must Not use our site for

  • Spreading any abusing messages, threatening or unlawful activities.
  • Encouraging or breaking laws that further leads to criminal activities.
  • Unauthorized usage of others system.
  • Breaching the freedom of access to other customers.
  • Interrupting networks and creating a hindrance to access our website.


Colors of products and website

We ensure the best experience to customers with our products displayed on our website. However, that completely relies on your monitor quality.

Modification of Website

Foodypoint.in has sole discretion, to change the website or modify without informing customers. In case if customers are not willing to continue with the changes, they can discontinue. If not we will consider them as our registered customers.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

The customer will be construed as per Indian Laws. Any proceeds related to complaints will be subject to Karimnagar Jurisdiction.

Reviews, Feedback, Submissions

Feedback, ideas and product reviews submitted on our website by respective customers will be our sole property. According to our policy it is our discretion to

  • To uphold any observations in confidence
  • To pay you any reimbursement for any Comments
  • To act in response to any Comments


Return or Cancellation Policy

According to which Customer is generally not supposed cancel an order after confirmation. However, in such cases Foodypoint.in may charge you as per the policy. We recover the total order value, in case if we have to compensate our partners. In case of delays from our end we will not charge you any cancellation fees at any instance.

In case of unavailability of product, foodypoint.in pays you full amount as per the refund policy.

It is our discretionary right to cancel as per following circumstances:

1) When the customers address is not under the purview of our delivery zone.
2) If we fail to contact you over mobile or email.
3) Lack of delivery information.
4) Due to unavailability of products.


1) Problem arrived due to package and tampered on order.
2) Repayment on product is our sole prerogative.
3) Money will be refunded within 14 working days.

In case of false information pertaining to address or not connecting to deliver agent during delivery time with intent to defame our brand, Foodypoint.in will have discretionary rights to take legal action, any proceeds related to complaints will be subject to Karimnagar Jurisdiction.